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About Lakeside...

Marsha Arend founded Lakeside Foot and Wound in 2018 to bring wound care and comprehensive medical-grade foot care to facilities and clinical settings that were finding it difficult to obtain these services.

Through referrals and requested consultations by doctors and also from direct requests from patients and their families, the medical services offered by Lakeside have grown to serve a wide range of locations throughout Vermont.

Lakeside Foot and Wound now offers services in a wide range of clinic settings for wound follow-up and therapeutic foot care.  An expanding mentorship program has recently also been started to encourage other nurses in Vermont to train in certified foot care to meet the underserved population in Vermont and surrounding states.

We are excited to be able to expand our reach as our word-of-mouth referrals continue to grow throughtout Vermont!

foot and leaf logo.jpg
foot and leaf logo.jpg

The Lakeside Mission

  1. Our mission is to provide the best possible wound care, foot care, and medical training to improve access to compassionate, affordable care throughout Vermont and beyond.

  2. We believe it is important to empower, respect, and challenge our patients to promote their personal health and their own physical independence to maximize quality of life for themselves and for their families.

  3. We believe empowerment comes from shared knowledge and thoughtful decision-making that comes from a mutually respectful relationship between patient and medical professional.

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