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I've gotten more help and information from Marsha than any doctor I've been to lately.  She not only focused on my foot issues but also shared valuable information about general health and wellness that my doctors never bothered to mention.  She really sees the whole person.
    Wendy. H.

I can't believe how pain-free my visit was.  I always felt anxious about podiatrist appointments because they were painful.  I'm so relieved!  I'm coming back and recommending Marsha to others.
    Roger K.

No one was able to heal my wound and it was actually getting worse with treatment.  Marsha was super encouraging and supportive and changed the wound dressing to something that healed up everything in two weeks.  I now know what a CWOCN nurse is.  It is someone who knows wound magic! 
    Russ L.

I felt you were so knowledgeable and so far, so good! No burning between my toes. I haven’t felt so well cared for by a health professional… ever! Thank you!!!!
    Nan P.

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